Melgaço Health Unit

Located in the heart of the town of Melgaço, the Melgaço Health Unit offers services of Medium-Term Care and Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care and Maintenance in the district of Viana do Castelo.


Long Term and Maintenance CCU

Medium Term and Rehabilitation and Long Term and Maintenance CCU


Morning hygiene and comfort service: 8am - 11am


Breakfast - 9am | Lunch - 12:30pm

Snack - 3:30pm | Dinner - 6:30pm | Supper - 10:30pm

Rehabilitation therapies

Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy/Psychology

Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm


Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm

Spiritual and religious services

Eucharist: first Friday of every month.

Spiritual and religious guidance: every Friday or when necessary.

Note: whatever your religion, you have the right to assistance. Request the presence of your religious/spiritual tutor

Other Services

Spiritual Space

Free parking

Personal Belongings:

It is not advisable to bring valuables or large amounts of money with you. If you do, you should make an inventory of your belongings.

Patient Admission

The admission of patients to the Melgaço Health Unit is done according to the National Integrated Continued Care Network (RNCCI) procedure.


Since July 2017, all CSSJ Inpatient Units and Services have been certified by EQUASS Assurance.

About Us

Our Mission is to provide humanised health care and social support to the population, inspired by the charismatic style of St. John of God, in accordance with the social doctrine of the Church. This is done with technical excellence and scientific rigour, paying special attention to the most disadvantaged and relying on specialised staff committed to the principle of "do good for by doing good".

We welcome you and wish you a successful recovery.

Rights and Obligations

At the Gelfa Health Unit, the rights and duties of each patient are ensured, as expressed in the Guide of Ethical Principles and Good Practices of the Assistance Centres of the St. John of God Institute (available at the Unit).

Suggestions and/or complaints are an integral process of the continuous improvement of our services.

Our Team would like to thank you for completing the "Quality Assessment and Patient Satisfaction Survey".

The St. John of God Institute has guidelines on the prevention and management of abuse and mistreatment, so we apply a Zero Tolerance Policy. If situations are identified, please report them to the director of the establishment: or fill out the "Reporting Note" form (reception).


Diretor: Dr. Luís Daniel Fernandes
Director Administrativo e Financeiro: Dr. Luís Pedro Vieira Lousada Novo
Director Clínico: Dr. Luís António Sá e Melo
Director de Enfermagem: Dra. Ana Margarida Ferreira da Silva
Responsável da Pastoral da Saúde e Social e da Animação: Luísa Fidalgo Martins

Superior da Comunidade: Ir. António Matias


The Gelfa Health Unit aims to contribute to the well-being and quality of life of people with illnesses or chronic processes, with different levels of dependence, who need clinical care, maintenance and psychosocial support, in long-term inpatient care.




Terapeuta Ocupacional

Terapeuta da Fala

Assistente Social


Animador Sociocultural

Empregados Auxiliares





The Gelfa Long-Term Continued Care and Maintenance Unit was opened on 10 September 2013, initially as a Long-Term Care and Maintenance service. In 2018, because of a conversion of half of its facilities, it also started to hold a Medium-Term Care and Rehabilitation Unit.

The investment in this new structure cost EUR 3,914,925.59, and was co-sponsored by FEDER at EUR 1,763,000.00. This will be the third use of this building in terms of healthcare, which already holds its place in the history of care to the population of Alto-Minho.

Because of its location by the sea and the benefits of the sea breeze, water and sun, the Gelfa Maritime Sanatorium was set up in this complex in mid-1929, which became famous for its treatment of bone tuberculosis.

However, in the 1960s, due to the evolution of treatments and with widespread BCG vaccination coverage allied to a predominant prevention service, this disease was sharply reduced, leading to the closure of sanatoriums, including the Gelfa Maritime Sanatorium.

On 16 January 1963, by Decree no. 44855 of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the building was transferred on a temporary basis by the now extinct Institute for National Care to Tuberculosis patients, IANT, to the Psychiatric Care Institute.

In August 1965, the then Psychiatric Hospital of Gelfa was functionally integrated in the Mental Health Centre of Viana do Castelo with the purpose of providing internment care to female patients with mental illnesses.

Because of the reorganisation of the mental health services in Alto-Minho, the Hospital was closed in 1999 and underwent a remodelling intervention under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Health Facilities and Equipment between 2001 and 2005.

In November 2007, the Board of Directors of Administração Regional de Saúde do Norte, IP (ARSN,IP) invited the St. John of God Institute (ISJD) to reopen the former Psychiatric Hospital of Gelfa as a Continued Care Unit.

The integration of the Unit in the National Integrated Continued Care Network (RNCCI) for the district of Viana do Castelo appears in the annex to Order No. 1408/2008, from the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity and Ministry of Health of 11 January and in the annex to Order No. 3730/2011, from the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity and Ministry Health of 25 February. This Unit belongs to St. Joseph Health Centre located in Areias de Vilar, Barcelos.



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    A realização da visita requer um agendamento prévio. Contacte a Unidade de Saúde de Melgaço por telefone ou e-mail.


    As visitas têm, nesta fase, uma duração de 30 minutos. Se nos últimos 14 dias teve sintomas sugestivos de COVID-19 ou tenham estado em contacto com casos suspeitos ou confirmados não deve realizar visitas.


  • Medidas implementadas:

    É elaborado um registo de visitantes.

    Deve cumprir com as medidas de distanciamento físico, etiqueta respiratória e higienização das mãos.

    É obrigatória a utilização da Máscara, preferencialmente cirúrgica.

    Não pode trazer objetos pessoais, géneros alimentares ou outros produtos.

    Os visitantes apenas poderão circular nos circuitos delimitados para o efeito.

    Para mais informações solicite o Regulamento para Visitas do Plano de Contingência da CSSJ #COVID-19



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