Members of the Ethics Committee

The members of the Ethics Committee have defined their rights and duties in DL nº 80/2018 and perform their duties on an unpaid basis.


In the present term, the Presidency is in charge of Susana Queiroga, being Secretary of the Commission, Maria João Monteiro.

  • Susana Queiroga | Socióloga


  • Alberto Mendes, OH | Sacerdote


  • Ana Brito de Goes | Jurist


  • Emanuel Gouveia | Doctor


  • Lúcio Miguel Camacho | Nurse


  • Maria João Monteiro | Pharmaceutical


  • Ricardo Pereira Campos | Psychologist


The members of the Ethics Committee are subject to the fulfillment of confidentiality and protection duties of the personal data to which they have access in the exercise of their activity, even after the end of the same.

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