Editorial Statute

The Hospitalidade Magazine is owned by the Portuguese Province of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God and managed by the St. John of God Institute, with its headquarters at Rua S. Tomás de Aquino nº 20, in Lisbon.


The Hospitalidade Magazine is a periodical publication for information, training and dissemination in the fields of health, social and ecclesial action.


The Hospitalidade Magazine is guided by the ethical principles of Christian inspiration and the social doctrine of the Church, notwithstanding respect for ideological and scientific pluralism and objectivity of information.


The Hospitality Magazine organises its contents into three themed areas:

- Technical and Scientific, which is oriented towards training and research in health and social action, focusing on psychiatry and mental health;

- Newsletter that covers significant news and information from the world of health and social action and the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God and its apostolic works;

- Spiritual-Religious centred on themes of theological reflection, social doctrine of the church, pastoral health and ecclesial activity.


The editorial philosophy of Hospitalidade Magazine is based on the assistance model of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God, which combines science, technical progress and humanisation, with permanent respect for human dignity and the search for integral care.


The Hospitalidade Magazine, notwithstanding a correct administration that allows its development, is non-profit endeavour.


The Hospitalidade Magazine is committed to respecting the deontological principles of the press and professional ethics so that it cannot pursue purely commercial goals, nor abuse the good faith of readers by covering up or misrepresenting information.

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