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How can a patient be admitted?

Each care centre has different procedures for patient admission. This is due to the referral system or if the patient is already part of a network (e.g. the National Integrated Continued Care Network).

You will find the most suitable information if you go to our menu and choose care centres. Then select the service centre you are interested in and you will find all the information in the Patient Admission tab.

Who can refer patients?


Patients are referred by the hospital in their area of residence, if they have been accompanied there, or by the health centre.


Patients can be referred to the Network in two ways:


- If they are admitted to a SNS hospital through the Discharge Management Team:  


The purpose of the hospital Discharge Management Team is to prepare and manage the discharge from hospital, together with other services, for patients who require follow-up for their health and social problems (See Art. 23 (1) of Decree-Law nº 101/2006, of 6 June).

  • Contact the department where you are admitted or the Discharge Management Team (EGA) of that hospital
  • The EGA of the NHS hospital where the patient is admitted is the one who makes the referral to the RNCCI. The assessment of the need for integrated continued care is preferably performed at the beginning of the hospital stay because it is necessary to prepare, with time, the stage following clinical discharge.
  • The proposal of this team is presented to the Local Coordinating Team (ECL).

- If they are in the community (home, private hospital or other place of residence) through the Health Centre:

Contact the health centre on:

The proposal to join the RNCCI is presented by these professionals from the health centre to the Local Coordinating Team (ECL).

In case of any issues, contact directly the ECL based in the health centre of your place of residence.

What types of internment are there?

There are four types of internment:

Short/Medium-term Internment - clinical/social stabilisation and/or family relief.

In Clinic/Specialized Area - the internment is based on a programme directed to the clinical area in question;

Long-term internment - no pre-defined duration. It is based on programmes.

SRPS Internment - based on psychosocial rehabilitation programmes.

These internments are subject to vacancies.

I am looking for work and the St. John of God Institute is a possibility. What should I do?

If you are looking for a job and want to submit an application, send your CV to the assistance centre you want. In the Contacts menu or in each assistance centre, you will find the e-mail address to which you can submit your CV.

I want to be a volunteer. How can I do it?

What are your strengths? At the ISJD, you will certainly find a place where you can use your strengths at the service of others.

Have you seen our page dedicated to volunteering? There you will find all the information on how you can become a Hospitaller Volunteer!

I want to become a Brother of St. John of God. How can I do it?

Do you feel a true calling to the HOSPITALLER VOCATION?

At the Hospitaller Order, you become acquainted with the life of St. John of God and his Brothers, promoting contact between them and interested young people in order to discover their way of life.

We intend to bring young people closer to the Hospitaller charism, enlightening them on the human and religious values experienced at the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God.

You can find out more about the theme of the religious Hospitaller vocation in the different areas: prayer, community and mission.

We will help you in your vocational pursuit for a serious and mature decision.

Check the PJV page on this site!

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