Quality Policy and Objectives

The ISJD defined the Quality Policy as the basis of its strategic management, based on the following principles:


  • Focus on the customer, for the satisfaction of their needs and expectations;
  • Ensuring good management of internal and external communication;
  • Permanently improve an effective relationship of trust with Customers, Employees, Volunteers, partners and other interested parties;
  • Promotion of the training and satisfaction of Employees with a view to technical excellence of services and scientific rigor, fostering a humanizing conduct of treatment and care;
  • Guarantee of economic and financial sustainability, based on efficient use of resources and efficiency in results;
  • Focus on the maintenance and conservation of infrastructure and on the conditions of the work environment according to the needs and available resources;
  • Commitment understood and assumed by all Employees with continuous improvement.



The Quality objectives are:


  1. Promoting autonomy and quality of life for users
  2. Promoting caring hospitality
  3. Ensuring sustainability
  4. Create and improve the physical conditions of equipment
  5. Permanently update the skills of employees
  6. Optimize human capital
  7. Improve communication
  8. Consolidate partnerships
  9. Improve the Institution's performance
  10. Promote innovation
  11. Reinforce institutional identity

The indicators and quality objectives are the same as in the Strategic Plan.

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