AM Prevention

Following the philosophy and ideas of the OHSJD, expressed in the Identity Letter and respecting the defined in the Policy of Rights, the ISJD proposes itself in its mission: to provide humanized health care and social support to the population in general, inspired by the charismatic style of St. John of God, in accordance with the Church's social doctrine, with technical excellence and scientific rigor, paying particular attention to the most disadvantaged and having specialized collaborators committed to the principle of “doing good well”.


To this end, knowing and being aware of the specific characteristics and needs of Users is an essential first step towards a policy to prevent abuse and mistreatment.


Prevention involves adequate care planning. This should be done in team meetings and paying special attention to the more dependent Users, or who suffer from more complex problems.


Since providing care to Users in the health or social area can be an exhausting task, there must be mechanisms that seek to avoid the saturation of employees and the creation of vices in the intervention.


To ensure compliance with this policy, the ISJD has defined the following instruments:


  • Guiding document «Concepts and guidelines on the prevention and management of abuse and mistreatment»
  • Procedure for managing users' money (P_04_02)
  • Procedure for acting in case of suspicion of Abuses and Mistreatment (P_03_14)


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